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Quick Drafts

Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2018 3:31 pm
by nGAGEOnline
New Site Feature: Quick Drafts

Not quite ready to post what you just wrote and something comes up? Or stepping away from the computer while you were typing out a post and somebody closes your browser? No problem, you're covered.

Quick saves a draft of all your text and will auto save every few seconds.

So, you've been working on that very long post and ran out of time?! Not a problem. Simply click "Save Draft" so you can load it later and continue typing.

The quick draft feature has various configuration option, such as auto-save interval.
Find the configuration setting under: User-Control-Panel > Board Preferences > Auto Draft.

Only the text-box's text and the subject/topic title will be saved in any draft. Attachments/Polls etc are not saved!