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Game-Developemnt Set-back

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 11:51 pm
by nGAGEOnline
Game-Developemnt Set-back

This is quite a late update, I know. I've been mostly silent throughout the summer, but there were some depressing reasons for it. It's time though that I get past it and pick things up again. Hens this post:

What happened?
During a series of issues with my computer, that seemed like I was having (possibly) multiple hardware issues, I ended up troubleshooting and made a grave mistake. One that I'm most certainly will never repeat. During an unfortunate accident whilst troubleshooting my system, I was busy doing some stuff on my laptop at the same time and didn't realize that my external hard drive was connected to it (instead of the main PC). This resulted in a very dramatic format being initiated in the form of restoring an ISO, which was meant for a USB stick.
As a result, not only did the hard drive get formatted, but it also got new data written onto it. Making data recovery near to impossible without expensive software and after a few attempts to recover data, I had to concede defeat. As a result: I lost all of my current (and past) game-development projects and assets, as well as the code-base and snippets. :(

Last month I've also lost one of my screens, due to some failure (R.I.P.), but rather than spending money on a new screen, I've tried getting used to living with just 2 screens. I know, first-world-problem, right?! I'm just glad I still have 2, to be honest. Not sure if I could ever get used to only having a single screen again.

I estimate a 1000hrs of work has evaporated.
Clearly it was quite upsetting at firsts to have such a huge set-back and I therefore haven't really done anything during the insanely hot summer this year, but I've also come to realize that; I have learned a lot during previous projects and I'm certain that I would be able to do things faster and better if I were to do it again, as a result of that.

So, what have I been doing all this time then?
Well, during this "development downtime", I have been playing around with Linux and have kind of fallen in love with it. Some may have already noticed this through my recent Linux streams. As a result I rarely still boot into Windows. I will keep my Windows boot, however, simply because...

Unity3D is not available on Linux (except some old version that I found on their forum but couldn't get to work). So, for Unity stuff I will have to be in Windows anyway. That's OK though, as I still prefer working with Photoshop over GIMP and that's another program that I have to run in Windows (as far as I know, it's not available on Linux and can't be run on Linux). I still do have the option to use GIMP for certain things, as well as do some of my Blender modelling on Linux and I don't actually have to boot into Windows all the time. Allowing me to keep enjoying Linux for most days of the week.

C++ ???
I have also started looking into options to get into C++ and see if I can develop on Linux alone, but since my C++ skills are abysmal and the learning curve is quite steep, it's not likely to be a realistic option if I want to start doing anything in the near future. It's most likely that I continue developing with the Unity3D Engine and C# for any upcoming project(s).

What's next?
I will most likely start developing again soon, with the current plan being; starting within the next couple of months, but I want to try to have a more detailed plan this time around. Sure, there are still things that need to be experimented with, but hopefully I'll manage to come up with a better plan of attack this time around. This would certainly help increase my chances of completing my project prototype(s). At the very least, I hope it will keep me on track a bit better.

Let's see how the next project turns out ;)

I'll keep you guys posted.