[SPS] Weapon Ideas

Before you can run, you'll have to conceptualize it. Any idea can turn into something great, if you work the idea into a full fledged concept.
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[SPS] Weapon Ideas

Post by nGAGEOnline » 10 months ago

Weapon Ideas
I figured I'll start by making topic to exchange some ideas for weapon. So far I've decided that I will have a maximum of 2 (maybe 3) real-world like guns.
  1. Handgun (pistol or a revolver)
  2. Shotgun (pump action)
  3. (maybe) Double-barrel shotgun (short barrel)
The rest should be fantasy/sci-fi weapons. I haven't nailed down the 2-3 core weapon designs, but those are the basics for sure.

If you like to help with ideas, please be as descriptive as possible. Function, looks, effects, damage potential, fire-rate etc. Feel free to use images/partial-images for illustration of your ideas. They don't have to be images of the final product. It could just be a series of images with a description of which part you're referring to.

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